åsiktskorridor (Swedish) : The "opinion corridor"; the range of acceptable opinions on a subject before others become uncomfortable; leads to conformity, consensus, cooperation.

cuttee : A tall poppy who has been cut down.

cutter : One who cuts down a TP.    

differential diagnosis : A disease having similar signs and symptoms to, or sometimes confused with, the working diagnosis (our working diagnosis is Tall Poppy Syndrome).

Dolchstoss (German) : A "stab in the back"; a means of cutting someone down.

emotion : A feeling that generates an impulse to act; a combination of physiological, behavioral, experiential, and cognitive responses.

envy : Desiring another's superior quality, achievement, or possession, or wishing the other lacked it. Good, or benign, envy stimulates improvement, especially by emulating someone better. Bad, or malicious, envy is often found in low-esteem individuals and triggers cutting down someone better; one of the infamous seven deadly sins.

evil eye : A curse caused by a malevolent glare some cultures believe may result in an injury or misfortune.

folkelig (Danish) : "Popular";of the people; traditions of the commoner. Antonym: elite.

forme pleine (French) : "complete, or full-blown, form of a disease"; every sign and symptom is present, confirming a disease; a classic example.

forme fruste (French) : "Unfinished form" an atypical or attenuated manifestation of a syndrome but not so well defined as to fit the diagnosis (common in people just learning about a diagnosis). A disease might seem similar to TPS more than any other disease but does not have all the signs and symptoms; similar to TPS but does not fit in the differential diagnosis list.

Fremdschämen (German) : Feeling for someone else's actions; embarrassment for others who have embarrassed themselves.

Gluckschmerz (German) : "Luck pain" annoyance felt at the good fortune of others. Some think this word was invented by non-Germans.

hierarchical exfoliation (coined by Laurence J. Peter) : The supercompetent (TPs) are dismissed (cut down) because they disrupt the hierarchy; also happens to the incompetent.

hygge (Danish) : "Coziness"; a convivial way of spending time together that celebrates sameness.

lagom (Swedish) : "Not too little, not too much"; according to the law or accepted custom; what is reasonable, rational, fair.

Law of Jante : Janteloven; Danish Ten Commandments of social norm (prohibitions).

philistinism : Hostility or indifference to culture and the arts; or lack of understanding thereof.

maaiveldcultuur (Dutch) : "Ground-level culture"; everything that exceeds ground level should be cut down; inhibit the individual.

malignant social media (MSM) : Malignant side of social media driven by bad envy, though many users do not realize it.

Rubicon moment : Crossing a "bounding or limiting line... irrevocably."

runt poppy, or short poppy (RP or SP) : An egregious TP who has been cut down; or a self-absorbed person who thinks he or she is a TP, contrary to general opinion.

schadenfreude (German) : "Harm-joy"; pleasure from another's pain; often confused with or part of the Tall Poppy Syndrome but not a necessary sign or symptom.

sine qua non (Latin) : "Indispensable condition"; certain signs and symptoms must be present to confirm a diagnosis.

syndrome : A characteristic combination of opinions, emotions, or behaviors; a group of signs and symptoms that are associated with a disease, condition, or disorder.

tall poppy (TP) : Noun: a person or institution that is conspicuously but deservedly successful and attracts envy; or a person who attracts envious notice or hostility due to egregious behavior (some argue this person is no longer a TP). Verb: to cut down a TP (e.g., Tom was tall poppied).

tall poppydom : The stature a TP reaches, especially after others' attempts to cut the TP down.

tall poppy paradox : When a TP hired to improve a situation is confronted by pushback, usually by the hierarchy. TPs who accommodate the natives cut themselves down by acquiescence.

Tall Poppy Syndrome (TPS) : A mediocre-maintaining mechanism in which others disparage or discredit a person or institution that has achieved notable wealth or prominence (public TPS); usually occurs within a tribe but may occur from afar (privateTPS).

tall weed (TW) : An undeserved TP status.


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